Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much do alterations cost?

It depends on the specific alteration (Hem, sides, sleeves, etc), the type of fabric, the number of layers that need to be altered, and additional details such as lace, beading, buttons, zippers, etc. I can ballpark a price if I have this information, or I can give an exact price once I see the garment on the body.

How long will this alteration take?

It depends on the complexity of the alteration, and our current schedule. Sometimes I can do pant hems for the next day, other times I’m booked out for 2 months before I can start on your alteration.

Can you take this garment in?

Yes, though there are limits to how much any specific garment can be taken in, before it either loses it’s original shape or fit, or before it becomes cost prohibitive to alter.

Can you let this garment out?

Maybe. Some garments have enough seam allowance to let out between 1/2 inch to 2 inches. Alternatively, gussets or additional fabric can be added to expand a garment. Corset backs are an option for formal dresses.

Can you alter this dog bed/ curtain/ slipcover/pillow/ hat/ bag?

Probably. If it will fit under the sewing machine, it can generally be altered.

Can you work on satin/ mesh/ leather/ neoprene/chiffon/velvet/ different fabric?

Probably. I have been sewing full time for more than 30 years, and have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to work on just about every fabric I know of.

Do you alter wedding gowns/ formal gowns/ formal attire for men, women, and children?


Do you hem basic things like jeans and sweatpants?


I, or a loved one has a physical impairment/ is in a wheelchair. Can you make or alter clothing to accommodate a medical device or said physical impairments?

Yes. I will work with you to devise the most convenient adjustments to the garments or custom clothes to make dressing/ undressing easier.

Other Sewing/Related Projects

I have a brilliant/crazy idea. Can you make it for me?

Probably. We just need a sketch, or a really good description to start. We will discuss the project in depth to make sure we’re on the same footing before starting. If you don’t have pictures I will make sketches to verify the product. We may do one or more muslins (mock-ups) to test things before making it in the final fabric.

Can you manufacture said brilliant/ crazy idea for me?

I can do small run productions, but for larger runs you’re better off (expense-wise) with a manufacturer. I can provide the patterns and the prototypes needed for manufacture, though my work is by hand, not on a computer.

I need some fashion/sewing/technical illustrations done. Can you do these for me?

Yes, though my work is by hand, not on a computer.

My sewing skills are pretty good, but I need help fitting. Can you help me fit my garments?

Yes, I am happy to help you fit your sewing projects.

My sewing skills are good, but I just need some patterns made to fit me. Can you do this?

Yes, I can. I will take your measurements and draft whatever style of pattern you wish. I can make and fit the muslins for you as well, or you can do that on your own.

Do you give sewing lessons?

I give intermediate level through Couture level sewing lessons. I can do in-person, at my Nampa studio, or over zoom.

Custom Gowns/Suits/Clothing

How much does it cost to make a garment?

It depends on the complexity of the design, the amount of fabric needed, time frame, patternwork involved, details (buttons, pockets, laces, beading, etc) and estimated number of fittings. We can provide a rough ballpark with a picture and these details. A solid price will be given once details are ironed out. Custom garments are usually much more expensive than ready-to-wear garments.

How long does it take to make a custom garment?

It depends on the complexity of the garment, our schedule at the time, availability of fabric/ swatches, and your availability for fittings. With a hefty rush fee, even a complex wedding gown can be completed in a week or two. But generally a time frame of 3-4 months is reasonable.

I have a garment that I love, can I copy it?

Yes, I can copy it without taking the original garment apart. Please note that a copied garment is unlikely to feel exactly the same as an old, worn favorite, due to differences in fabric, and years of washings and wearings.

I've outgrown my favorite garment, can you copy it but make it bigger?

Yes, but see comments above.

I want to turn my/ my mother's/ my grandmother's wedding gown into a flower girl's dress/ christening gown/ baptism gown/ quilt/ pillow. Can you do that for me?

Yes. We will look at the gown to make sure the fabric is stable, and go over options for focal points, fitting, etc.

I have Grandma's fur coat. Can you make it into a vest/ hat/ pillow/ mittens?

Yes. I will inspect the coat to make sure the leather is stable, and we’ll go from there.

I'm really tall/ short/ big/ small/ asymmetrical. Can you make a garment to fit me?

Yes. All of my patterns are drafted from scratch, from a series of measurements that I take.

What is your process for making a custom garment?

First, we meet and discuss the garment(s) you want made. If you don’t have pictures, I will do some sketches. I will then take your measurements and draft the pattern for your garment(s). Next is a muslin fitting, sometimes called a toile or a mock-up. This is the basic garment in muslin, so we can check the fit, necklines, hems, fullness, etc. Once the muslin is corrected, we do a few more fittings in the actual fabric. You will be seeing the garment every step of the way, so you can be sure that it is what you want. Fit adjustments are made along the way, so no further alterations will be necessary once the garment is completed.

I would like several skirts/ pants/ suits made. Can you do this?

Yes. The process starts the same as for a custom garment (see above), but once the muslin is finished, we can do the fittings for multiple garments at the same time. The more copies of the garment, the less expensive each will be, due to sharing the patternwork, and economizing on cutting and fitting times.

Color/Style Consulting

I would like my colors done, can you do that for me?

Yes! Depending on the level of color and style consulting you’d like, we can develop your best color palette, optimal color combinations, and individual styling.

What does the most basic color consultation consist of?

The most basic is to develop a swatch set that includes all the colors that look best on you. We can order in a personalized palette, or you can simply take a photo of the colors we select.

What does the most thorough color and style consultation consist of?

After a brief phone/email conversation, I give you a short list of items to bring in for the in-person consultation. When you come in, we pick your best colors, discuss silhouette, patterns, styles, and work on the image(s) you want to project. This is often a work in progress, and may be done over a few visits.

I need a "WOW" garment for an upcoming event. Can you design and make it?

Yes, I sure can! We can discuss different options and price points, and develop something that will be perfect for you.

I feel "not right" in my current wardrobe, due to life/ career/ weight changes. Can you help me develop a new wardrobe?

Yes, we can develop a new style, that will look and feel better for your new you.

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