Couture Workshops
Barbie, along with her colleague Linda Homan, offers couture level sewing workshops. Workshops vary from 3-6 days, and cover fitting and sewing techniques for trousers, French designer jackets, hand tailored jackets, dresses, and patterns.

Information on color, contrast, scale, fabric knowledge and selection, pressing techniques, and sewing ergonomics are discussed throughout each workshop.

The following workshops are scheduled in Palm Springs, California, and are  currently open for enrollment. Call or email for full information.

View out our workshop doors!

Couture Dressmaking  $1200  May 15-20, 2019

In this 6 day class,  sleeveless dress , top, or tunic will be drafted and personalized to fit and flatter your figure. Claire Shaeffer will bring in haute couture designer dresses from her extensive collection for students to examine inside and out. She will discuss  their exquisite construction methods and point out unique and luxurious details.

Detail of Vintage Haute Couture Dress

Several techniques and treatments for smooth, flat seams, beautifully hung hems, perfectly inserted zippers, wonderfully flat darts, neckline finishes, invisible or outstanding pockets, and much more will be demonstrated. Students will make samples of their favorite methods and incorporate them into their dress or top.  Claire Shaeffer's book Couture Sewing Techniques will be used as a text.

Applique seam in beaded peau de soie


Have a FIt!   $900  January 9-11, 2020

Have your own, personalized set of pattern blocks drafted and fitted for you! They are the best starting point for making clothes that actually fit you! Includes torso, sleeves, and pants.

Master slopers/ blocks for blouses/ dresses/ skirts, and jackets will be drafted from your measurements, along with 1, 2, and 3 piece sleeves, and a basic pant (your choice of waistband and pockets). Your muslin torso can actually be used to make a dressform shaped like YOU.

Drafted torso, ready to be made up in muslin

Dart manipulation, design lines, drafting pockets, and facings will be demonstrated. Hands-on instruction for using your basic blocks to alter commercial patterns, or to draft and design you own patterns, Blocks apply to shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants.

Claire Shaeffer will display and discuss haute couture garments from her collection for inspiration on drafting and making your own garments.

Chanel-Inspired Jacket  $1000  January 12-16, 2020

Learn haute couture methods for creating beautiful garments by making a custom fit French Designer jacket for yourself! Claire Shaeffer will bring in Haute Couture designer jackets to examine and talk about the different techniques used to create them.
Detail of haute couture trim on a cuff

Several techniques and treatments for trims, buttons, cuffs, necklines, shaping, pockets, and closures will be demonstrated, and students will make samples of their favorites.

Looking at button and trim placement on a sleeve cuff

Students will create their own, custom fit, unique, Chanel-inspired jackets!

Custom designed and fitted jacket, using Chanel-inspired techniques throughout

Linda Homan, owner of LH Design in Alaska, has been a sewing and fitting specialist for more than 30 years. Linda loves the challenge of fitting difficult figures and derives great pleasure from seeing the expressions on clients who did not know how well a flattering fit could make them look! Linda loves to share her knowledge, and is a member of ASDP for 25 years!

Linda and Barbie have been collaborating on fit and construction for more than 10 years.
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